Our History


Since more than 30 years Franco and Silvana devoted their efforts, time and passion to clean up the woods from the infesting plants, to plant citrus, fruit trees, grapevines, to cultivate vegetables and to build dry-stone walls and cottages in the strictest respect of the surrounding natural environment.

The Uliveto philosophyhasbecome an affair of the heartfor our familyand Franco and Silvana effortstocreatethis corner of paradiseis tomakeyou to feelthispassion.

The earth, parents and children ...

Their children grew up by loving the earth, the stones, the trees. Working the earth, cleaning the woods, firing the brushes became their Sunday and holiday pastimes. It was for years a closed system: the earth, the parents and the children.

Now, by keeping these traditions and this passion alive, we look to the future and we open to the world, to the people that love the nature, the silence and the sounds of the countryside: the song of the birds, the chirr of the crickets, the croak of the frogs.

To the people that at night, love to see the stars and the light of the fireflies, that love to lie down under the trees, the rural life, the odours of the garden and the genuine food.

The future...

Thomas, the child that picked up the staff of love for the countryside, adds to it his passion for fishing and for cooking; his preferred dishes are those of the tradition of Liguria where he uses, besides the products of the garden, wild grasses, the mushrooms of the woods and the products of the sea.

Close to Thomas, his fiancée Elena, his sister Francesca and all the members of the family, even the youngest, collaborate for maintaining this so beloved place in all its beauty.